Sumakshi Singh, Catalogue Essay Void, Gallery 400, John Corbett, 2003

Sumakshi SinghSingh, June 10, 2003

Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno recalls a profound revelation he once had during a performance in the Japanese countryside. Dancing half-submerged in a pond, he looked down at a mirror held in his hands. Algae and bits of dirt kicked up from the pond's floor floated over the surface of the mirror; past these driftworks, he could see the reflection of blue sky and clouds. In a revelatory flash, he says, he beheld the tiny next to the enormous, the trivial alongside the majestic, the microcosm in its proper kinship with the macrocosm. A  shattering sense of the unity of the cosmos hit Ohno hard, shook him to the core. The vertiginous swoop  back and forth from the mighty to the miniscule.