Leaving the Terrestrial: Its own Kind of Archive
Sumakshi Singh

'Leaving the Terrestrial: Its own Kind of Archive' is set up as a mock- natural history museum style exhibit, which displays invented and re-configured botanical and maritime specimens created with thread and wire. This repository of ethereal armatures references memory, nature, science and fantasy as lace-like fragments levitate without a ground to attach themselves to, fragile woven-skeletons of pressed flowers, leaves and seeds float in glass vitrines, seemingly embroidered on air and unaffected by gravity.

This archive of a created past of invented creatures, leads to a second installation “In the Garden”: an homage to the experience of two particularly lush, illuminated gardens which now outlive their creators – the artist’s mother and a Swiss hermit living in the Himalayas. The story is of the gardens as a portal into a dimension of light, magic and possibility. Viewers are invited to walk through luminous hand- drawn and embroidered stop motion animations projected on transparent scrolls of fabric and suspended flowers which host the imagery of a growing, dying and resurrecting garden among flickering fireflies and hummingbirds.

Singh’s interactive installations, paintings, drawings and sculptures have been presented in solo and curated museum exhibitions including Kochi Biennale, ‘Whorled Explorations’ 2014; 12th Biennale de Lyon, ‘Meanwhile Suddenly and Then’ 2013; Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France; MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy; UCCA, Beijing, China; Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh, PA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL; Illinois State Museum, IL; Art-house Texas, TX. She was also awarded a Zegna Grant in 2009 and a finalist for the Rijksakademie in 2006 & Rolex Mentor Protege Award 2014.