Exhibit 320 is pleased to present Sumakshi Singh's solo exhibition 'In The Garden' with a public opening on 30th January as part of India Art Fair's collateral event, 7 PM onwards.

‘In The Garden’ brings together a new body of work by Sumakshi Singh, that continues an exploration of ideas situated in the way we experience reality and consciousness in their varied relations within both the impalpable and observable worlds. Singh, creates immersive mixed media installations using embroidered fabric and stop motion animation, layered lace drawings and paintings as possible axiomatic 'portals' that allow us to understand our physical body and its psychological and existential interdependence on cognitive limitations. In particular Singh focuses on the Garden as one such gateway. The Garden through history, mythology, pietism and philosophy has given us ways to understand our own inner literal and metaphysical truths. Singh uses the many forms of the Garden, within the space of art, as a means of discovery for herself and her viewers.