"In a society that looked down its patrician nose on anything except milk-and-almond hues, being dark-skinned was considered most unfortunate, especially for a girl." - Palace of Illusions

A new body of work, including the performance piece Born Out of Fire, is a continuation of previously explored ideas weaving together narratives of contemporary gender stereotypes with mythologies of the feminine. This creates an as yet, untold story of the ‘woman’.

A continuation of the series ‘Pecked Jostled and Teased’, the installation and performance in this chapter uses specific elements such as Turmeric, that have cultural and socio-political connotations, in the telling of this tale of the ‘ideal’ feminine.

In this chapter, Princess Pea reinstates herself as Princess Draupadi, the Ágnijyotsana. Using turmeric, a household staple that cures and purifies, Princess Pea alludes to the symbolic birth of Draupadi from Fire - an element, that reflects the warrior princesses character as all-consuming and never stagnant. Fire is also Gold and so Princess Pea, embodies the idea of ‘Soney ki Chidiya’, the golden daughter. Juxtaposed with ‘Neel’- the Blue pigment, Princess Pea also illustrates the relationship between Draupadi and Krishna. ‘Blue’ is all pervasive and omni-potent installing

Princess Draupadi with confidence as she forges ahead as her fierce self. Neel is also used here to suggest a way of measuring and enhancing her purity.

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