It all started with a thought – “How would I know about those missing links of artists personal views and ideas”, things that have never sprung-up on the surface, at a public viewing or a social gathering”.

“One can debate over what is an archive – what does it comprise – is it information directly from artists – may be just a collection or compilation of the documents listing their activities – how does one define the archive”. In ‘Artchiving; an artist’s perspective’ we are focusing on thoughts and opinions about their current state of mind, documented over a period of time, seeing them evolve addressing to same issues and ideas. To express largely, this is an effort of presenting art and practice to a broader audience through personal interaction, by documenting, not artists’ works and beliefs alone but their personal and private thoughts in their naked studios and individual places.

My curiosity is of wanting to know about the evolving art practice not by the artist alone but by every little factor that contributes in the making of her/his work, be it in planning, production or presentation.

Observing through past incidents that the viewer experiences difficulty knowing ‘where to begin’. Here we bring a one to one exchange. Providing people with meaningful points of entry to an artists’ work.

“With the emergence of conceptual art in the mid-1960s, the traditional notion of the studio became at least partly obsolete. Other sites emerged for the generation of art, leading to the idea of “post-studio practice.” But the studio never went away; it was continually reinvented in response to new realities.” The Studio - Edited by Jens Hoffmann