Intrigued by the idea of non-static beauty, Sonali Sonam observes and draws inspiration from her own surrounding and socio-political scenarios. Her works influenced by the miniature style investigate the natural world in the urban. In her view, beauty is not personal, rather it is very much dependent on the spectator, and it changes with time. She is interested in how a collection of mundane activities can become a new reality where once we all exist but at the same time it becomes strange to us. Sonam consciously employs the use of void spaces, delinking anything they resemble and yet creating a metaphoric sense of infinity. She leaves her viewers space for imagination, as also uncertainty.

Sonali Sonam (born 1995) studied at Kala Bhavan, Viswa Bharti, Shantiniketan and went on to complete her masters from College of Arts, New Delhi. She is the recipient of the Shristi AIF Grant 2020.