b. (1939)

Gopi Gajwani is a painter, photographer, designer, and cartoonist from New Delhi, India. He graduated from the Delhi School of Art in 1959 with a degree in Graphic Designing. As a painter, Gajwani had over 25 one-man shows and over a hundred group shows in New Delhi, Mumbai, and abroad.

Gajwani engages the viewers with nuances of visual music in graphic and tonal notations. The buoyancy of color is conveyed in whispers, the fluid movement of a stroke in no hurry, the echoing sound of a line suspended in space. His art practice reaffirms direct correspondences between disparate sensory experiences and also endorses how each of our senses is capable of doing more than what they have been assigned to do. His floating, delicate, thread-like lines drawn with the kinesthetic rhythm of the free hand, gently stir the surface, awakening the dormant space with a symphony resonating across the page.

For Gajwani, no painting happens without the sound of music. Neither can he create in sad moments. His art proposes a quiet reassurance of life and its mysterious beauty that moves us beyond comprehension. It reveals itself in unexpected and random moments, emerging at times from hidden corners and from behind the veils of the unfamiliar. The energy of color becomes an alternate language to express the ineffable and the evanescent. The economy of expression and the subtlety of emotion is what he has come to master over the years in his artistic practice.