UNEARTH Matter | Time | Process

Artists: Arun K S | Astha Butail | Gunjan Kumar | Hemali Bhuta | Manisha Parekh Curated by Kanika Anand

Unearth explores the ‘geological’ as a condition of the present.

Rooted in the logic of land art and the processes of materiality, Unearth presents five art practices that harness the elements, either as method or as metaphor in a deliberation on the physical and temporal possibilities of earth materials. Defined by their processes, the art suggests an intuitive understanding of our present moment, unearthed from historical and mythological traditions, in parallel to the knowledge of scientific inquiry.

The exhibition is a journey through ethereal landscapes, memory patterns and maps, biomorphic forms and abstractions of nature. The artists’ tendency to turn to nature is complimented by a desire to look inward. Informed by the disciplines of alchemy and astronomy, craft and pre-historic traditions, the exhibition lies at the crossroad of art, science and faith and is an attempt to reconcile and recalibrate our awareness of the present with the absolute dimensions of time and space.