Charmi Gada Shah was born in 1980 in Mumbai and educated in London and now makes Mumbai her home. Shah’s practice engages with the passage of time and the subsequent shifts that have occurred in the meaning and function of architectural vessels. She often works with built spaces that are invariably either abandoned, neglected or in a state of disuse; by revisiting them and building or innovating on their outlines, she draws attention back to these spaces and their disjuncture in time and space.

Works like ‘The Common wall’ 2008, ‘The Staircase Project’ 2008 and ‘Broken Window’ 2010, approach inanimate, non-spectacular spaces and propose reconstructed histories where time, meaning, space, and logic are non-linear and hybridized. These spaces have juxtaposed, overlapping and shifting realities, meanings, truths and falsities; her spatial interventions create environments to posit a bearing on these conditions.

The artist employs different media such as drawing, sculpture, photography, film and architecture to formulate a network of correlations that play on notions of memory, destruction and conservation. The works, as installations, become in-situ repositories of documentation, fiction and mimesis.

Essentially the question her works seek to pose, whether explicitly or implicitly, is this, what happens when a building is demolished and erased from the location which was its place-identity? Reinstating another building in that location is to give it a new place-identity. With one body being replaced by another, despite the exchange of bodies, the place itself remains the same. How does one perceive such a place? And where now is the place of the demolished structure?


2007:  Faculty of Art and Design at Garodia International School, Mumbai
2004:  Post Graduate in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London
2002:  Bachelors in Fine Art (Drawing and Painting), Raheja School of Art

“Neighhbourhood Souvenirs”, Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi

“Midnights Grandchildren”, Studio X, Mumbai – Curated by Girish Shahane
“Cabinet Closet Wunderkammer”, Chemould Prescott Road – Curated by Geeta Kapur

The Contemporary Sultanate’, at Olive, Exhibit 320, New Delhi – Curated by Veerangana Solanki
‘The Construction of Loss’ Exhibit 320, New Delhi – Curated by Himali Singh Soin

“Generation in Transition- New art from India”, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw and Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania Curated by Magda Kardasz
Prague Biennale 5 - India Pavilion Curated by Kanchi Mehta
‘This is now’- Asia Art Projects, Studio X – Curated by Allan Binns

“The X-must Show”, The Loft, Mumbai
“BMB Picks”, Gallery BMB, Mumbai
“Art Gwangju”, Korea, Gallery BMB, Mumbai
“Her Work Is Never Done”, Gallery BMB, Mumbai – Curated by Bose Krishnamachari

Art Expo, Gallery BMB, Mumbai
Relative Visa, Bodhi Art Gallery, Mumbai, Curated by Bose Krishnamachari 

Wall Drawings, site-specific project, Cochin
The Staircase Project, site-specific installation at Kashi Art Residency studio, Cochin

Ghostship on the Southbank, short film documentary, Hayward Gallery, London and National Film Theatre, London
Post Graduate Exhibition, Chelsea College of Art, London
Monsoon Exhibition, Jehangir Art gallery, Mumbai

Camlin Foundation Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Bombay Art Society Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Urban(Re)Imagination - The city as a site for magical possibilities, Mumbai
Properties of the Autonomous Archive, seminar in Mumbai

RPG Academy’s Annual Art Camp, Mumbai, India

Kashi Art Residency, Kerala, India

Kalamkari painting, Kalashetra, Chennai
Studio resident, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai

Short Film Workshop, Hayward Gallery London

Workshops on art for young students from all over England, at Young @ Art, University of Arts, London

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